The Jane Goodall Institute Italia

The Jane Goodall Institute Italia for People, Animals and the Environment (JGI Italia), is a non-profit organization created in 1998, recognized by the Ministry of the Environment.

It is part of the Jane Goodall Institute Global founded by scientist Jane Goodall, worldly renowned for her studies in primatology and her activism in defence of nature, and UN Messenger of Peace.

Mission of the JGI Italia is to contribute to a long-term conscious development, based on equitable distribution of resources and on the protection and enhancement of biological and cultural diversity.

JGI Italy promotes positive relationships between man, environment and animals through

  1. development cooperation,
  2. education for sustainability,
  3. environmental conservation.

Environmental degradation is particularly serious in the poorest areas of the world where natural resources are used intensively, without sustainable planning, to take care of one’s daily survival. Therefore JGI Italia supports in Africa the local community in an area of ​​great naturalistic interest and at the same time among the most degraded in the world: Kigoma region, in Tanzania. Here JGI Italia takes care for the orphanage “Sanganigwa Children’s Village“, which welcomes children from 3 years of age. JGI Italia has created family-houses, supports education and professional training, and started a program for the self-sustenance of the orphanage through productive micro-activities (organic vegetable gardens, henhouse, cooperative of tailoring, guest house for responsible tourism).

JGI Italia works in Italy with young people to spread the International Roots & Shoots (R&S) program for education on sustainability which aims to develop understanding and appreciation of the scientific method, greater critical consciousness, hope for the future. The program offers young people the tools to carry out concrete projects for environmental conservation, animal protection, inter-culture and peace to contribute improve their community.

JGI Italia is also involved in the conservation of the chimpanzee habitat, and in improving the living conditions of all captive Apes, who are in danger of extinction.

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